This special place, where nature celebrates every day, knows how to party, knows how to honor its traditions, its history, life itself.

People here know how to welcome all seasons separately and the occasions they offer for partying and fun.

Christmas is probably the most beautiful time to visit Karpenissi. Apart from the ideal setting, the events of the Municipality always hide pleasant surprises, enhancing the festive spirit of the days of both the residents and the visitors. The “Winter Holidays” are a series of events to celebrate Christmas that include music, theater, street parties and Christmas children’s events. A favorite custom that has been established in recent years, is the magical “Night of Wishes“. On each paper lantern, young and old write their wish and then let them reach as high as possible. The spectacle is dreamy, the night sky is filled with colorful lanterns, unfulfilled wishes, untold dreams…

Every year on Tsiknopempti (Swan Thursday), the “Mountain Carnival” starts in Karpenissi and with them the fun, the dance, the spree. As part of the carnival events, traditional customs such as the “Vlach wedding“, on Shrove Monday. On Shrove Monday everyone is invited to the traditional Lent feast.

Since 1964 and every summer, the “Forest Festivals” welcome the visitors of Karpenissi with concerts, theatrical performances, nights of fun and entertainment, gastronomic pleasures and a number of events framed by the tradition, customs and traditions of the area.

On August 9, Karpenissi honors the hero Markos Botsaris by organizing one of the largest cultural and historical events of the Municipality the “Botsaria”.

The most enjoyable celebrations are the “Gastronomy Festivals” that take place throughout the year. At the beginning of May in Krikello takes place the “Mushroom Festival“. There the visitor learns about the types of mushrooms, while an excursion is organized to collect them. The celebration closes with original dishes based on mushrooms and other local products! The “Chestnut Festival” takes place in Agia Triada at the end of October and includes many roasted chestnuts and chestnut-based cooking accompanied by song, dance and even live music.

The “Tsipouro Festival” takes place in Domnitsa in November. The visitor has the opportunity to watch closely the distillation process of tsipouro, to taste the traditional drink and local delicacies. While at the end of July the Municipal Unit of Fournas and the Local Community of Agios Nikolaos prepare traditional pies and deliver leaf opening lessons. At the end of July, the “Trout Festival” is being prepared with the help of the “Evritania Women’s Association“. All the above accompaniment of traditional music and Greek dances.