Just 6 km from Karpenissi, Koryschades stand proud and tall, waiting for you to discover an unknown chapter of modern Greek history.

The settlement has been listed, featuring restored mansions as well as newly built guest-houses.

A stop at the coffee house of Koryschades is a must-do. The key elements here are the photo of Aris Velouchiotis and tsipouro. You may then make your way to the folk art shop, and the Museum of National Resistance of Koryschades.

The Museum is housed in a building that once used to serve as headquarters of A. Velouchiotis in the old primary school. Here, in May 1944 the first assembly of the “National Council” of Free Greece was held, ratifying the appointment of the Political Committee of National Liberation (PEEA), the so-called “mountain government”, as the government of Greece, in order to better organize resistance against the conquerors).

Things to do…

…Visit the church of Agios Athanasios in the square, standing there since 1865.

…Explore the remains of ancient tombs and traces of the obscure fortress, stretching on the opposite hill called Palaiokastro.

…Head south to Koumasia, to visit a 17th century monastery of Mother Mary.

…Discover, 1 km before Koryschades, the relatively unknown forest of Gorianades, following the main road of the namesake village.