Lakes - Rivers

The lakes and rivers of the area not only invite you for water adventures but also warn you that they will keep you enslaved in the shackles of their liquid magic.

Follow the eternal journey of the rivers, Karpenissioti, Krikelopotamos, Trikerioti, Agrafioti and get to know the atmospheric Lake Kremasta with its mysterious charm.

Indulge in their call and enjoy an unforgettable journey of images, senses and intense emotions. Boating for the romantics at the “queen” Lake Kremasta, rafting and kayaking for the alternatives of tourism on the rivers. And around a fairytale landscape. Plane trees and firs, bridges and villages tucked away on the slopes. All the greatness of nature is revealed to you, with a vehicle the water, stigmatizes you, promises to be unforgettable to remind you of its omnipotence, the essence of life. The liquid element seems to prevail and dominate where it exists. It awakens, invigorates and invites you to surrender.