Gastronomy - Local Products

The local character and authenticity of products are comparative advantages for Karpenissi. The area features plenty of local products that not only reflect the culinary identity of the place, but are completely intertwined with its cultural history, thus guiding visitors to a unique experience. 

Tradition, history, pure raw materials and original techniques are masterfully blended together and served to anyone who wants to taste “Mountainous Greece”. Enjoy!


In a place covered with fir trees, it’s no wonder that fir tree honey is the dietary protagonist, as well as the must-buy culinary souvenir before leaving Karpenissi.

When shopping, make sure your list also includes aromatic herbal teas from the local mountains, as well as wild herbs.

Do try the local katiki or tsalafouti, the fresh soft cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk and produced the traditional way to this day.

However, all local dairy products are very tasty and equally delicious, such as the thick, aromatic goat’s butter and the rich flavour yoghurt.

In the taverns next to the river Karpenissiotis, you can taste fresh river trout, as well as traditional pies with handmade filo pastry and various fillings, with the one with prosciutto and sausage standing out.

The area is famous for its cold cuts and its prosciutto is its flagship.

The local cuisine includes many dishes with mushrooms, as there are plenty in the forests. 

Get chirpy with Mouro (i.e. Mulberry): The local tsipouro, made of mulberry distillate.

Meat eaters can try local specials made with local meats such as the chasapiko, an great veal-based dish where the meat is slowly cooked in a clay pot on hot sand, wild boar and shallot stew, lamb in a pot, boiled goat, sheep, pork with greens and other delicacies specially and differently cooked from one village to the other.