Megalo Chorio

Megalo Chorio is the main village of the area and is located 14 km south of Karpenissi. Nested on the slopes of Mount Kaliakouda, it is amphitheatrically built. Leave your car on the outskirts of the village and follow the trail on foot.

Feel the breeze from Kaliakouda as you wander in the cobbled alleys with the mansions. Oaks, walnuts and fresh running  water complete the magical image.

Walk the cobbled streets of the village and its picturesque alleys and admire the well-preserved stone mansions in your way. Look for the watch and window-shop at the various folk art shops, offering handicraft made of ecological and recyclable materials. Remember to visit the Folklore Museum, featuring rich exhibits of local lifestyle. Enjoy your coffee at the village square and watch the sunset behind Helidona and the green valley that stretches before it.

If you follow the uphill road, before entering the village,  you will find yourself at the mountain hut, and at the location Lakkomata, at an altitude of 1500m., where you will see a monument for the  historic battle of Kaliakouda that took place on August 28 1823. From here you will enjoy a view of Helidona and Palaio Mikro Chorio.