Monasteries - Churches

In this place where the relationship between God and man is glorified, you will discover in every corner of it pan-Orthodox shrines andchurches, which attract thousands of pilgrims and travelers every year.

...Religious monuments and churches are inextricably linked to the rich history and culture of this place.

…worship at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, with the small sundial on the bell tower.

…observe on the hillside “Typoma”, a hole in the mountain mass, which is said to have been opened by the Virgin Mary, on her way to the Monastery of Prousos.

… discover the Monastery of Domiani, one of the most important religious monuments of the wider area with a valuable contribution to the Nation and Orthodoxy.

… meet the Monastery of the Transfiguration Sotiros Vrachas which during the period of the revolution, was a refuge and base.

Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration – Vracha