An authentic place to live!

Karpenisi, as well as the nearby villages around it, combined with the breathtaking natural landscapes are a wonderful destination.

Once in Karpenisi…

... you will taste the “immortal water” from the lion fountain of the marble square.

and you will rest under the shadow of its famous perennial plane tree. will visit the Agia Triada Cathedral, with small sundial on the belfry. This is  an impressive structure, visible from every point of the town and is its most historic monument.

The town of Karpenisi, will also be your starting point for discovering the enchanting character of the place.

Visit Koryschades, the village where the Greek Resistance started, after the constitution assembly of the Political Committee of National Liberation, on the initiative of the National Liberation Front. The building where the council assembled nowadays is a tourist attraction, since it now houses the Museum of National Resistance.

Discover one by one the stone-built villages of Evrytania that will carry you away with their scenic beauty.

Let the nature unfold its secrets and guide you to places unknown: From Kremasta Lake and the forest of Evrytania to the “miracle of nature”, the Panta vrechi (i.e. “It always rains”) waterfalls, which are undoubtedly one of the most idyllic landscapes in Evrytania.

Follow the song of the waterfalls in Krikelopotamos.

Visit the famous Monastery of Proussos.

Celebrate the greatness of nature when crossing the gorge of Vothonas, that ends at the river Karpenisiotis.

Search for Mavri Spilia (i.e. Black Cave), the place that was the hideout for the locals during the Turkish rule. Today it is just a natural landscape on the outskirts of Proussos village, where the Municipality has developed a relatively passable path that goes through the gorge, featuring the natural decoration of smaller waterfalls.

Frangistorema is where you will find many trails, which will take you from East and West Frangista to Karpenisi, after walking 41 and 44 km respectively. In addition to their trails, the lively villages are also known for their mills. Hiking enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the trail that connects Megalo Chorio with Gavros. Another wonderful route is the one starting from Neo Mikro Chorio and follows the forest road before reaching the village of Nostimo.

Wander off in the Trikeriotis valley, after visiting the traditional village of Aspropyrgos and taste the local mulberry tsipouro which is of the strongest in the country.

Experience the eerie feeling of the ghost-village of Viniani, 33 km from Karpenisi. The inhabitants abandoned it after the earthquake of 1966, leaving behind them clothes and utensils which can still be seen inside the decrepit houses, and moved further downhill to build their new settlement, Nea Viniani. A small gorge starts at the road connecting the two villages, ending at Tavropos and the arched bridge of Viniani.

Try the local delicacies. Taste courgette flowers, as well as “moutzoti”, a type of local cheese pie. Do remember to stock up on the famous local cold cuts before leaving!

Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration – Vracha