Tsoukas Gorge

North of Vracha and west of Kleistos flows the Mega Rema springing from Fourna. Below the top of Tsouka (1361 m.) the river gets narrower and creates the gorge of incomparable beauty and environmental biodiversity, which challenges the dazzling visitor to cross it and explore it.

A path leads the visitor to a beautiful hill, in Kastri, from the top of which one can admire the Monastery, Tsouka and the other mountain peaks and hear the Mega Rema and the sounds of the forest…

The unique natural environment of the area is offered for amazing routes. In the gorge of Tsouka, hiking paths have been defined as well as their degree of difficulty (E: easy, M: moderate, D: difficult). More specifically:

  • P1 Vracha Monastery (altitude 820 m.) – Kastri Peak (920 m.) Duration 30’.
  • P2 Vracha Monastery (altitude 820 m.) – Peak Psilina 15 ‘(E) – Mega Rema (altitude 601 m.) 50’ (D)
  • P3 Mesochori (altitude 700 m.) – Footbridge (altitude 600 m.) 40 ‘(E) – Diaselo (altitude 660 m.) 55’ (E) – Icon of a public road (altitude 660 m.) 1 hour & 10 ‘(E).
  • P4 Diaselo (altitude 660 m.) – Waterfall (altitude 625 m.) 15 ‘(M).
  • P5 Footbridge (height 600 m.) – Mills (height 600 m.) (E).
  • P6 Diaselo (altitude 660 m.) – Kastraki peak (altitude 724 m.) 15 ‘(D).
  • P7 Koritsa (altitude 960 m.) – Prophet Elias 45 ‘(E) – Tsoukas peak (altitude 1363 m.) 1 hour & 45’ (D).