Villages of the Municipality of Karpenissi

Small jewels of the country, built on the slopes of proud mountains, dressed in green, the villages of Karpenissi hide the treasures of this land.

Authentic and welcoming, they promise wonderful memories, unique experiences in nature, traditional flavours and ask to be visited again and again.

Forests, lakes, gorges, trails, beautiful secrets and the unmistakable charm of mountainous Greece. As alpine landscapes in winter, perfect for wandering off in spring, alternative options in summer and seducing destinations in autumn, the fairytale-like villages of Karpenissi invite you to a dream getaway and are sure to find a place in your heart.

Explore the historic Koryschades , with its timeless beauty and take lessons in modern Greek history at the Museum of National Resistance.

Enjoy your time at Nostimo, the village that Ali Pasha loved so much for its tasty water that he built his holiday residence next to the spring. The same tasty water still comes out of the spring.
Take a taste of Voutyro and visit the well-preserved village with the stone houses, the paved square and the magnificent view.

Enjoy the unique view of Lake Kremasta from Fidakia with its stone houses and cobbled streets.

Join the celebration of nature in Megalo Chorio and sit in the village square with the plane tree to enjoy the view of the entire valley of the river Karpenissiotis and the peaks of Mount Helidona.

Visit the famous and picturesque Palaio Mikro Chorio as well as Neo Mikro Chorio. Here the protagonists are firs, chestnuts, walnuts and oaks. Look for the lake outside the village and travel back in time with a visit to the Folklore Museum.

Discover the village that took its name from the weeping of the locals for the ongoing destruction of their land, Klafsi, where the church of Agios Leonidis is also found. It is the only monument of early Christian times in Evritania, dating to the 5th-6th century AD.

Discover Agios Nikolaos, a mountainous village decorated by crimson roofs, traditional coffee houses, amazing taverns and an always snowy square in winter.

Make a stop at Myriki and Profitis Ilias, where the namesake chapel is located.

Explore Domnista, with its running waters and verdant scenery, named after Domnista, daughter of the lady Domna, in the time of the Frankish knights . It was here that, in June 1942, Aris Velouchiotis officially declared, in the village square, the armed struggle of the National Resistance against the German conquerors.

Unlock the secrets of Gorianades, a village hidden in a forest of firs.

Find out for yourself why Kallithea (i.e. “Beautiful View”) took this name. It was named after the view it offers to the valley of Karpenissi and the river Karpenissiotis.

Meet some of the traditional villages of the municipality of Karpenissi