Accompanied by the river Karpenissiotis, following the  road that goes south from Koryschades, lies one of the most  picturesque villages of Evritania.

The village Voutyro is small but “delicious” and just 7 km away from Karpenissi.

Legend has it that the village got its original name from a man who used to make butter that was so delicious that it made the entire village famous. It is an amphitheatrically built settlement, featuring the landmark of Agia Paraskevi church, the largest in the prefecture. Quite often visitors of the broader area choose the village for their accommodation, as it has very well-kept guest-houses.

Make sure you plan a visit to the Museum of Education, which is housed in the old school and features school items  of past decades. From this point, let the road driving  through a magnificent fir forest “introduce” you to  next village Nostimo (i.e. “Tasty”) with the old watermill and the arched stone bridge.

The area to the northwest of the village and up to Koryschades and Mesabelia has been characterized as a permanent Wildlife Shelter of “Koryschades – Voutyro”.